Essential Foods

Essential Foods is a leading manufacturer of essential and value-added foods in South Africa and comprises two operating divisions:

Maize products

As manufacturer of super maize meal, special maize meal, samp, maize flour and instant maize porridge Pioneer Foods plays an important role in providing nutrition to the people of South Africa.

Wheat products

Milling wheat into high quality flour is what Pioneer Foods has been doing for over 60  years and forms the core of the division. Adding value to the flour milled through our bakeries ensures millions of fresh loaves on tables across the country daily.


Catering for an ever-changing dietary preference, Pioneer Foods manufactures a range of wheat-based pasta products. Using only the finest local and imported ingredients, Pioneer Foods pastas are known for its taste and quality. Pioneer Foods is also the first in South Africa to produce pasta from white maize flour.


Pioneer Foods is one of the largest suppliers of rice to the South African market and distributes a wide variety of rice variants through its national distribution footprint. Pioneer Foods secures only the best rice qualities from a selected number of suppliers and are proud to bring to market products that deliver superior yield and taste.

Beans and Legumes

Pioneer Foods is the biggest supplier of high quality dry beans and legumes in the country. With dietary needs moving towards healthier choices, the division is perfectly positioned to serve this need.

Through a dedicated strategic services structure, overall quality and compliance management is ensured. Wheat and maize procurement, food safety, grain-based food research and product and process optimization through appropriate technical support is also a focus areas of this team.


SASKO (Bread, Flour,  Quick Treats), White Star Super Maize Meal, Blue Bird Special Maize Meal, Champion (samp and instant maize porridge), Spekko Rice, Select Rice, Nice Rice,  Pasta Grande, Imbo and Crossbow.


Product Categories

Wheat flour
Maize flour
Beans and legumes

Power Brands

White Star

Other Brands

Select Rice
Nice Rice
Blue Bird
Pasta Grande

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country.