The Beverages business unit of Pioneer Foods produces fruit juices, fruit concentrate mixtures, mineral water, ice tea and carbonated soft drinks.

Fruit juices

We are renowned for our high quality and market leading brands – Liqui-Fruit, Ceres and Fruitree. Our products offer people a wide range of both delicious basic flavours and exotic fruit juice blends. This brand portfolio has captured nearly 50% market share of the long-life fruit juice category in South Africa.

Fruit concentrate mixtures

Wild Island is one of the market leaders in the total category and the benchmark for the dairy blends segment. Daly’s has a significant presence and loyal consumer following in the KwaZulu-Natal market. We have also recently introduced our popular Ceres brand into this category with a squash and nectar concentrate now available.

Ice tea

Lipton Ice Tea, an international brand and South African favourite, is produced by The Ceres Beverage Company by arrangement with Trade proprietors Lipton, London, UK.

Bottled water

Ceres Spring Water competes well in the vast growing bottled water segment.


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