Our Stakeholders

Pioneer Foods recognises that effective stakeholder engagement is the basis for good corporate governance and is committed to the stakeholder inclusive approach recommended by King IV. The Group’s approach is guided by a stakeholder relations policy, which recognises that social, economic and environmental interests are integral to the success of the business. Extensive media monitoring is conducted on an ongoing basis to assist with managing reputational risk.

The Group has strategically consolidated stakeholder engagement activities. Details of the Group’s key stakeholders, engagement channels, key concerns and company responses, critical for value creation, are shown in the table below:

Stakeholders Touchpoints Value creation
Shareholders and investors Pioneer Foods facilitates regular engagement and consistent communication with shareholders, investors and analysts. This includes the annual general meeting ("AGM"), distribution of information via the website including finacial, brand, governance, social, ethics and sustainability matters as well as press releases and SENS announcements, investor relations briefings and on-site visits to help facilitate an understanding of the scope of the Groups operations. Further investor presentations are held with interim and annual results. Pioneer Foods is commited to help investors make informed decisions and to secure the investment case among existing and potential shareholders. The Group's strategy sets targets and a clear roadmap to improve ther Group's financial performance. Pioneer Foods is dedicated to create value for shareholders by financial returns on investment, delivering results comparative to its peers, as well as delivering capital growth.
Customers and consumers Pioneer Foods values open and transparent communication with its customers through forums, one-on-one interaction, advertising, corporate and brand websites, social media platforms, the customer care centre and shopper marketing. The Group values the trust consumers place in its products and brands. This is noticible through its investment in and efforts to deepen business knowledge and understanding of customers and consumers to ensure startegic collaboration at all levels.
Employees Pioneer Foods has in excess of 8000 employees located across South Africa. Employee-related focus areas include remuneration, training and safety initiatives. Engagement platforms include intranet, e-mail and desktop screensavers, newsletters, surveys, face-to-face briefings, management presentations, conferences, forums, performance appraisals and bulletin boards. Pioneer Foods' employees are our most valuable asset. We create value through job opporunities, remuneration, career opportunities and the improvement of skills. Short- and long-term incentive schemes have been competitively benchmarked to ensure fair practices and retention. The annual engagement survey measures and and guides business on employee-related priorities.
Communities Pioneer Foods is commited to invest in the communities within which we operate through various socio-economic development programmes and the PFECT. As a responsible corporate citizen, Pioneer Foods is commited to empower communities through feeding schemes, educational and health initiatives that enable them to participate in securing theur own food for the future.
Government and regulators The Group monitors its regulatory landscape for relevant
parliamentary meetings on an ongoing basis to ensure the relevant business representation. Comments on proposed legislation are continuously submitted, with further interaction through industry bodies.
As a proudly South African orginsation, Pioneer Foods is commited to address pertinent industry issues alongside government to bring about resolutions that will benefit the industry and the economy.
Supplies Pioneer Foods' suppliers comprise local and international raw material, packaging and manufacturing service providers. They are selected according to reliability of supply, range of products, quality, responsible sourcing practices and pricing. Engagement with suppliers is predominantly on a transactional and planning level. e.g. meetings and visits, supplier audits and daily interaction with senior operational and procurement staff. Read more about our suppler ccde of conduct on www.pioneerfoods.co.za Local and international supplier relationships are of critical importance to the continued success of Pioneer Foods and they are engaged in an ethical manner.

More of the most significant buyers of raw material from the local agricultural industry. the Group supports and grows supplier relationships by providing a competitive market for raw materials and services.

Business partners Pioneer Foods continues to shape its corporate portfolio through strategic partnerships. Engagement is on an ad hoc basis and predominantly at executive management letel. The Group is committed to strategic partnerships to create value by driving strategy, addressing ley sustainability issues and focusing on product expansion and growth.
Media This stakeholder group includes journalists, editors and publishers from various media houses and publications across South Africa. Media enquiries are fielded via e-mail, telephone or face-to-face meetings on a regubr basis. Pioneer Fcods endeavours to respond to media questions and enquiries effectively, accurately and timeously to help promote public understanding of the business and the issues that the Group faces.
Industry and business associations Pioneer Foods is a participant in and a member of key industry and business associations through relevant forums, meetings and forum submissions. The Group prioritises its engagement with key industryand business associations which influence and impact societal as well as corporate sustainability.

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country.