Our Mission

Our sustainability mission is to increase profitability while considering and measuring our impact on the planet and people. The goal of sustainability is to increase long-term shareholder and social value, while decreasing Pioneer Foods’ use of materials and reducing negative impacts on the environment and society. The Group actively manages the trade-offs between economic viability and being socially and environmentally responsible. Pioneer Foods aligns its sustainability approach to the business strategy. Four sustainability goals support the five strategic business themes with a further six enablers constituting the short-term interventions to support achieving these goals.

Sustainability approach:

Pioneer Foods’ long-term success requires sustainable business practices in three fundamental ways:

  1. The Group is reliant on agriculture, therefore environmental issues such as climate change, energy consumption and water management have a direct impact on operations and profitability
  2. The Group depends on the current and future availability of human capital and skills
  3. The Group produces food for general consumption and therefore has a responsibility to ensure its products are beneficial and nutritious

Added to these three fundamental business drivers, the Group maintains its commitment to the broader community through several corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives. Pioneer Foods’ future success is directly connected to its contribution to socio-economic development. Therefore, transformation across all levels of the business is a key consideration for the Group.

In 2014 the Group opted to report in line with the core sustainability indicators of the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines - view the full GRI Index table (PDF - 11.9 MB)

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and support our communities around the country.